Everlend is a lending and borrowing aggregator that is integrated with all major money markets on Solana. Decentralized and reliable, it continuously provides users with the best yields and interest rates available on the market.

The user who provides liquidity or takes loans through Everlend is completely free of the…

Our team’s vision has always been to eventually convert Everlend into a fully decentralized and a long term self organized DAO, which is community driven and as self sustainable as possible.

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is basically an entity with no central leadership. It is collectively owned and managed…

Q3 was an interesting and busy quarter for our team. In August we announced the project pivot and that we are now putting all efforts into developing a yield / loan aggregator for all major Solana money markets (read more here).

We are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Delphi Labs who will incubate Everlend and help with the long term growth and success of our project.

This is the last addition to our team and advisors cohort and we think Delphi Labs will add a lot of value to…

Today we would like to highlight our strategic partnership with Oracle provider Pyth Network.

Why Pyth Network?

Pyth Network is a new oracle solution that sources high quality real word financial data, from major institutions like Virtu, IEX, GTS, FTX…, and provides smart contracts, from various blockchains (Solana, Ethereum and…

Dear Everlend community!

Attic Lab team is glad to observe the development of new ecosystems, which have been moving the industry forward. Forward means more secure, able to scale, and cost efficient in terms of operational activity on a ledger.

Why did we chose to build on Solana?

Solana is…


Decentralized, cross-chain lending protocol with yield farming and liquid staking powered by Solana and built by Attic Lab and Everstake.

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